Position : Post-doc for 18 or 36 months
Starting date : January 2020
Required Profil : PhD degree in Material science, Physics and/or Electrical Engineering. Expert in Optical or/and electrical characterization techniques and semiconductor device physics (prior experience in solar cell is a plus).


The development of PV is, in France as everywhere, a booming sector. Becoming an important field for yield improvement, besides silicon, thin films with high band gap development target to be a top cell thanks to breakthrough researches on new materials. In this context, IPVF has recently agglomerate well-known academic research team (CNRS) and important industrials on PV (EDF, TOTAL, AIR LIQUIDE, HORIBA, RIBER). The realization of tandem object, whatever the materials, will be a key point to breakthrough the actual limitations of increasing cell efficiencies. That’s why IPVF will work to develop and propose this kind of object.

This work consists in studying multijunction solar cells (various technologies developed at IPVF) using advanced photoelectric characterization techniques (spectral response, admittance spectroscopy, µPL). In that aim, some characterization techniques could be upgrading to be suitable for in-depth studies (for instance to probe the different subcells). Numerical modeling (Atlas Silvaco©, Sentaurus Synopsys©), will be used in order to interpret the experimental results.



S. Le Gall : sylvain.legall@geeps.centralesupelec.fr and rh@ipvf.fr