IPVF – Internship – Techno-economic assessment of III-V on Silicon tandem photovoltaic cells

Function: Intern
Contract: Work placement agreement – IPVF
Starting date: As of January 2023
Duration: 6 months
Workplace: IPVF – 18 Boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau (Paris-Saclay) 
Education: Master 2 / 3A engineer


IPVF – Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France  

Become an actor of the Energy Transition by joining a team driven by innovation and impact to address today’s most decisive challenges.

IPVF is one of Europe’s leading research, innovation and education organizations whose mission is to accelerate the energy transition through science and technology. Supported by the French State, IPVF is labelled Institute for Energy Transition (ITE).

Bringing together recognized industrial leaders (TotalEnergies, EDF, Air Liquide, Horiba and Riber) and world-renowned academic research teams (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique), IPVF’ multidisciplinary and international teams conduct research dedicated to clean energy technologies (photovoltaics, green hydrogen, etc.). IPVF has built an ambitious scientific and technological research program, divided into 6 programs and 24 sub-projects, to achieve this objective.
These programs are based on a high-level experimental platform of 8,000 m², located in Paris-Saclay, and comprising more than 100 cutting-edge equipment worth €30M.





The research Program 1 “Techno-economic analysis and opportunities” at IPVF has the objective to assess the most promising emerging PV technologies with the best compromise between efficiency/cost/maturity, as well as to analyze market opportunities to drive the research programs in IPVF.

The tandem concept provides the best possible route to surpass the Shockley–Queisser limit of single junction crystalline silicon (c-Si), facilitating the pathway towards IPVF’s goal of obtaining a 30% photovoltaic (PV) module efficiency. One promising architecture for this tandem technology, being investigated at IPVF, consists of depositing a high efficiency III-V PV cell on top of a c-Si cell, thereby making use of a larger part of the incoming spectrum. To evaluate its industrial feasibility, a bottom-up cost model of the manufacturing process flow needs to be developed.




• Support Program 1 in the development of the bottom-up cost model for the III-V tandem technology.
     o Review the stablished manufacturing process flow of the technology developed at IPVF, to identify the corresponding costs for each step.
     o Assist in the gathering of the cost information from suppliers for equipment, raw material, consumables, utilities, labor, maintenance, among other related costs for each manufacturing step.
     o Compile all the information in a model to calculate the cost of ownership of this technology.


• Support in the evaluation of the cost model, identify major cost burdens and provide recommendations for cost reductions.


• Establish contact within the IPVF community to obtain the information of such tandem technology, which is required in the development process of the cost model.






 – PV technologies. Silicon & III-V,
– Manufacturing PV processes,
– Costs and economic indicators,
– Breakdown of processes into individual steps,
– Good written and oral expression in English.


Self-management skills

– Interdisciplinary approach and teamwork,
– Autonomous and enthusiastic,
– Synthesis skills.




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