IPVF Senior Research Engineer: Integrated Photovoltaics


Function: Engineer or Postdoc

Contract: COD

Starting date: May 2021

Duration: 36 months

Working place: IPVF – 18 Boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau (Paris-Saclay cluster)

Education: Master of science ; Engineer ; PhD

Salary: salary grid

IPVF in brief

Become an actor of the Energy Transition by joining a team driven by innovation and impact to address today’s most decisive challenges.

IPVF – Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France, is a global Research, Innovation and Education center, which mission is to accelerate energy transition through science & technology.

Gathering industrial PV leaders (EDF, Total, Air Liquide, Horiba and Riber) and world-renowned academic research teams (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique), multi-disciplinary and international IPVF teams conduct research for clean energy technologies. Supported by the French State, IPVF is labelled Institute for Energy Transition (ITE).

IPVF at a glance:

  • An ambitious Scientific and Technological Program: from tandem solar cell technologies to economy & market assessment, state-of-the art characterization, photocatalysis and concepts breakthrough.
  • A state-of-the-art technological platform: more than 100 tools, located in cleanrooms (advanced characterization, materials deposition, prototypes for fabrication, modelling…).
  • A high-standard Education program (M.S. and PhD students).

Job context

Integrated photovoltaics is gaining more and more attention thanks to its outstanding potential and the maturity and readiness of appropriate technologies. Reduction of system costs with integrated PV is paving the way to new markets with great opportunities for customization and local production, along to new developments for module technology.

Become a leading force in our team and advance industrially relevant knowledge in pursuing the diversification of PV uses and transfer to different industries.

IPVF is actively working on the development and for the transfer of high-efficiency, low-cost PV technologies for a wide range of applications. In the framework of developing its integrated PV activities, IPVF is interested in different market such as: BIPV (Building), APV (Agriculture), VIPV (Vehicle), FPV (Floating), UPV (Urban), DIPV (Devices), RIPV (Road). Part the position is to support IPVF’s commercialization activities through R&D and technology innovation.

You will be working in a dynamic and fertile environment, in collaboration with different teams, and your work will be exposed internally and externally.

‍More information about the research program and IPVF here:

IPVF Research Program involving this engineer/postdoc position: https://ipvf.fr/lars-oberbeck-introducing-ipvf-programme-1-techno-economic-analyses-and-opportunities/  

Main missions

The candidate will directly report to the Programs Deputy Director of IPVF.

The Engineer will have the following missions:

  • Become a referent in integrated PV (internally and for IPVF outreach): acquire knowledge and know-how on emerging PV segments, identify relevant market/actors, contribute to identifying industry pain points for each segment and pathways to tackle them, set-up and execute collaborations, …
  • Identify prospects, and conduct studies (define SWOT analysis, write position papers, perform benchmarking and scouting, participate and lead consulting activities, develop new solutions at IPVF for integrated PV…).
  • Work with IPVF teams and external partners to conduct experimental or modeling work where necessary to support IPVF’s commercialization activities on integrated PV.
  • Acquire publicly funded projects in integrated PV and lead IPVF’s participation.
  • Help Partnerships Division to promote and communicate (internally and externally) on these new activities.

The candidate will integrate a dynamic and talented team driven by innovation and results.

Sought profile

Knowledge and know-how

  • In-depth knowledge of photovoltaics technologies, incl. experimental and modeling activities.
  • Seniority of at least 5 years in the field.
  • Knowledge of PV manufacturing processes for both lab and fab.
  • Knowledge of cost assessment for PV technologies and PV markets.
  • English is essential.
  • Good written and oral expression. 

Soft skills

  • Willingness to explore new topics.
  • Interdisciplinary approach and teamwork.
  • Autonomous and enthusiastic.
  • Innovation and solution oriented.
  • Spirit of taking initiative.
  • Synthesis skills.


Cover letter and résumé to be sent to: lars.oberbeck@total.com, pierre-philippe.grand@edf.fr and rh@ipvf.fr

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