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Invited Speakers

Clas Persson, University of Oslo “Exploring materials for ultrathin inorganic solar cells: DFT results, challenges, and computational issues”

Christophe Longeaud, GEEPS “Numerical simulation of characterization techniques applied to solar industry semiconductor thin films”

Paul Voss, GeorgiaTech Lorraine “Device modelling”

Eric Sandré, EDF R&D “PV Economy”

Dietrich Foerster, University Bordeaux “An O(N3) solution of the GW equations for complex semiconductors”

Jelena Sjaskte Polytechnique, LSI “Hot Carrier Relaxation In Photoexcited GaAs: The Role Of The Electron-Phonon Coupling”

Fatme Jardali Polytechnique, LPICM  “Numerical simulations for the discovery of a new allotropic form of silicon with potential PV applications”

Alexei  Chepelianskii, Orsay LPS “Magnetic field effect in Silicon light emitting diodes”

Robert Alicki,  University of Gdansk “Solar cell as a self-oscillating heat engine”

Didier Mayou,  NEEL    “Charge separation in organic solar cells: Effect of interactions, recombination and hole propagation.”

Wolfgang Tress, EPFL “Perovskite Solar Cells – Recent Developments and Future Challenges in Experiment and Theory”

Ye Wang, EDF R&D, “Network modeling”

S. Athanasopoulos, Universidad Carlos III “Monte Carlo modelling of exciton and charge transport processes in organic photovoltaics”

Marko Pavlov,  GEEPS “Project Aleph: measurements and modelling of a PV system equipped with reflectors”

Nicolas  Cavassilas, IM2NP “Quantum confinement and scattering for a better photocurrent in ultrathin solar cells”

JF Guillemoles, IRDEP “Hot carrier solar cells: a CAD case”

Walid El-Huni, Geeps “Modeling of tandem cells InGaN/Si : Comparison 2 contacts/4 contacts”

Neijim Ahmed, Silvaco, “Solar cell design optimisation with user friendly TCAD”


How to reach the workshop venue

EDF Lab Saclay is located on Plateau de Saclay near Paris. The exact address is 7 Boulevard Gaspard Monge, Palaiseau, France. The venue is accessible by public transport from Paris by taking RER B from Paris to Massy-Palaiseau RER station and then the 91.06C bus from Massy Palaiseau RER station to Palaiseau-Campus station. The total travel time is estimated between 30 to 45 minutes from Denfert Rochereau RER Station in Paris to EDF Lab Saclay. Closest accommodations to EDF Lab Saclay can be found next to the Massy-Palaiseau RER and TGV station.

Recommended Hotels


21 avenue Carnot

91886 MASSY

01 69 32 80 20


Rue Charles Thomassin

91400 SACLAY

01 69 35 66 00


Route du Colonel Marcel Moraine


01 46 01 46 86


Campus HEC

1 rue de la Libération


01 69 35 43 30


7 rue Christophe Colomb

91300 MASSY

01 69 81 62 62


Workshop’s presentation:


The second “Theory and Modeling for PV” workshop will be held on October 6th and 7th in Paris-Saclay on EDF R&D Campus. The 2015 edition of the workshop gathered 50 participants at University of Aix-Marseille in Marseille. The aim of this workshop is to present perspectives by world experts and original research works on theory and modeling covering a wide variety of PV technologies (inorganics PV including silicon, chalcogenide thin film, new materials, organic PV, concentrated PV, new concepts, photonics, etc), scales (from the atom to the PV plant) and simulation tools (atomistic calculation, empirical and semi-empirical, semi-classical or quantum simulations, etc). The workshop is meant to create a fertile ground in order to promote discussions between different fields and is opened to any persons involved in the field of academic or industrial research interested in PV or in modeling for PV.

The workshop will be organized along the following thematic

  • Electrical and Optical properties of materials.
  • Optics and Photonic simulation.
  • Device modeling.
  • PV module and plant: ageing and solar energy capabilities.

The attendance to the workshop is free but will be limited to 70 persons maximum. Oral presentations are on invitation only. A poster session will be organized and participants are more than welcome to submit a maximum 15-line abstract describing their poster.

The program of the workshop will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Registration including name of the participant, his/her affiliation, address and email must be sent to the following email address:

Sponsored by:



Organizing committee

Nicolas Cavassilas, IM2NP, Université d’Aix Marseille, France

Didier Mayou, Institut Néel, France

Anne Migan-Dubois, GeePs, France

Cédric Guérard & Julien Vidal, EDF R&D, France

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