Thesis Project – EDF R&D PhD Position

Optoelectronic multidimensional characterization of photovoltaic devices

EDF R&D and partners of the IPVF (Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile de France, are aiming at research and development of new materials and devices used for photovoltaic (PV) technologies leading to performance and cost breakthroughs. To help achieving this, new characterization tools have been developed at IPVF based on the analysis of luminescence of semi- conductors and their ability to image opto-electronic properties of PV materials [1] [2] [3]. However, these experimental setups need further studies to better interpret the data they produce and new developments to complete the set of material characteristics available in an imaging mode. This is of great importance for the quantitative analysis of ageing and stability of materials and devices.

The selected PhD student will be in charge of acquisition of the experimental data and of modelling and interpretation of these data. The setups will be constituted of microscopes, lasers and specific cameras. Some improvements will have to be implemented to better use the different simultaneous capabilities in the recording of the luminescence signal, like energy, temperature and time, etc.…. This will allow to have access to complementary spatial characteristics of the device by modelling the appropriate physics. When ready, promising materials like Perovskite absorber and market relevant devices like PERC silicon solar cell will be addressed to help understanding their stability and ageing properties.

The PhD study will take place in the team “Characterization and modeling” at the IPVF Palaiseau (Paris, area).

The candidate must have skills and interests in optical and electronic properties of condensed matter, in experimental optics, imaging and in computer modelling. The knowledge of the physics of solar cells will be appreciated. The candidate must also be autonomous and rigorous and be improvement and progress minded. His ability to work within a team is very important. If interested, please send us a CV, a cover/motivation letter, and the contact information of referring persons.


[1] A. Delamarre et al, « Quantitative luminescence mapping of Cu(In, Ga)Se 2 thin-film solar cells:Quantitative luminescence mapping of CIGS thin-film solar cells », Progress in Photovoltaic,, vol. 23, no 10, oct. 2015.

[2] A. Bercegol, et al, « Determination of transport properties in optoelectronic devices by time-resolved fluorescence imaging », Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 122, no 20, p. 203102, nov. 2017.

[3] A. Bercegol et al., « Quantitative optical assessment of photonic and electronic properties in halide perovskite », Nature Communications, vol. 10, no 1, p. 1586, déc. 2019.

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