The Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France was created from the desire to federate and strengthen national research dedicated to serving French and European industry. It aims to coordinate a worldwide scientific network of excellence by drawing on the sector’s key players including leading industrial groups, public bodies and academic laboratories. In this way, it intends to contribute to the development of new photovoltaic module technologies promoting high-efficiency and low costs, two essential conditions for ensuring this technology expands. To do this, IPVF has established an original model by creating a French ecosystem comprising industrial leaders focusing on their respective markets, public research institutions and around fifteen laboratories, all at the cutting edge of innovation in their fields.

Capitalizing on the expertise of its founder members and its experimental resource facility established at the very heart of the Paris-Saclay Campus and welcoming new industrial and academic partners, IPVF positions itself as a centre of excellence in a sector which is developing massively and offers promising perspectives for growth.

This pioneering centre has already achieved great progress in line with this huge challenge. They hold promise for industrializing breakthrough technologies created by French and European skills and expertise by 2024.

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