Resource facility - IPVF
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Proposing state-of-the-art equipment

IPVF owns and operates infrastructure comprising over 70 different types of equipment at the cutting edge of technology.
This equipment offers the opportunity, amongst others to:

  • Create materials with photovoltaic properties. An extensive range of physical and/or chemical pathways are available including deposition, growth, spraying, evaporation and chemical synthesis techniques.
  • Assemble these materials in photovoltaic cells. This consists in modifying the properties of the materials based on needs, and in adding functional layers to them (anti-reflection, protection barriers, light-trapping, electrical charge collection, etc.)
  • Characterize these materials and cells. This means running them through a battery of tests (optical, electrical, chemical, morphological, etc.) to assess their characteristics and to better understand the physical phenomena involved, at a scale ranging from cm (10-2 m) to nm (10-9 m), in an effort to ensure continuous improvement.

This experimental equipment is complemented by substantial and varied modelling resources. Modelling is used for simulating the behavioural patterns of the materials and cells from atomic level (ab-initio) through to macroscopic level.

The creation/characterization/modelling trio accelerate the development of high-performing photovoltaic systems.

Example of a creation process


  • MBE (molecular beam epitaxy) (III-V and Ge)
  • Co-evaporation (CIGS)
  • Cathode pulverization of oxides and metals
Fichier 1ipvf


  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Plasma-Enhanced CVD
  • Low-temperature epitaxy of crystalline silicon
Fichier 1ipvf

Thermal treatments, cleaning and imaging

  • Boron and phosphorus diffusion
  • Annealing
  • Miscellaneous chemical dips
  • Versatile laser platform

Example of a characterization process

Fichier 1ipvf


  • Near-field scanning optical microscopy: AFM, KPFM, STM
  • Luminescence platforms: TRPL, EL, TRFLIM, in-situ PL
  • Solar simulators, EQE, weathering benches
Fichier 1ipvf

Chemical and structural

  • XPS (X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) and GD-OES (Glow Discharge – Optical Emission Spectro) coupling
  • Raman spectroscopy X-ray diffraction

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