Working together on a site offering service excellence

We offer our clients the opportunity to lease offices, white rooms and equipment, along with support services to ensure their operational requirements are met. Our white rooms can be connected to 20 speciality gases.

The leasing offer, primarily intended for high-tech startups, encourages receptiveness towards the Institute’s ecosystem and to promoting innovation and sharing dynamics. The equipment leasing offer is intended for clients with ad hoc needs for using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The client’s own staff will have access to IPVF premises and equipment.

Developing industrial partnerships

We also provide our clients with an across-the-board range of scientific services which focus on offering the scientific and industrial community the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and equipment developed and implemented by IPVF at various levels:

  • Scientific study focusing on IPVF’s expertise base
  • Producing and assembling innovative materials
  • Characterizing performances of PV cells, modules and/or other semi-finished sets, created from these materials
  • Modelling these materials, processes and components
  • Optimizing processes for producing materials, cells and/or modules on an industrial scale (fault analysis, performance reproducibility, etc.).

IPVF offers its clients and partners access to a network of academic and industrial experts acknowledged by the scientific community and a facility for pooling resources comprising a vast array of equipment.

The research and development projects which IPVF conducts with its partners constantly enrich this pool of equipment and lead to the creation of new more accurate and more efficient methodologies for synthesizing and characterizing.

  • Research project support (innovative materials, architecture, new processes, etc.)
  • Best-tailored technology transfers
  • Active partner matching

Providing high-level learning opportunities

IPVF proposes an international-focused curriculum: A training programme based on a Master’s Degree, mentoring for PhD students and continuous training.

Its teams of researchers are involved in the experiential learning programme for the Master’s 2 Renewable Energy Science and Technology (REST) led by the École Polytechnique. REST is integrated into a European network of Master’s Degrees offering student exchange opportunities. It is backed by internationally-renowned industrial groups involved in renewable energy, which ensure students are offered a vocational approach.

IPVF also hosts PhD and post-doctoral students who acquire leading-edge knowledge by participating in the Institute’s scientific programme.

Finally, the Institute also creates online classes (Massive Open Online Courses).

IPVF Partners