9th edition of the IPVF Scientific Day

10 décembre 2018

The 9th edition of the IPVF Scientific Day was held on July 9th. This opportunity to meet IPVF community and its partners brought together 149 participants. This was the most widely followed day since IPVF creation.

This edition was organized around 4 highlights:

  1. Leaders of great European institutes, Jef Poortmans for IMEC in Belgium, Frank Dimroth for Fraunhofer ISE in Germany and Philippe Malbranche for INES in France, set the tone of the day by presenting their institutes and roadmaps showing a convergence of visions between the four institutes.
  2. Partner laboratories (LPICM, INL, ICUBE, C2N, FOTON, IMN, LAC, LRCS, GEEPS, IM2NP and ILV) exposed their main activities in the field of photovoltaics, and responded to assistance questions. This research contributes strongly to accelerate IPVF priority projects, in particular tandem cells, perovskites and characterization.
  3. The afternoon was devoted to a very rich poster session (nearly 40 posters), which allowed researchers to discuss their results.
  4. Organized visits allowed participants to discover the new laboratories.

With sharing scientific results and development of partnerships as main objectives, this scientific day was the perfect opportunity to give a clear roadmap of the IPVF and strengthen our relationships with our partners.

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