International Women’s Day 2020

9 mars 2020

Happy Women’s day! The Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France (IPVF) is celebrating us, women, the women of IPVF, who have made a difference in changing lives through our innovations and mentorship. This day provides an important opportunity to celebrate our ideas, our infallible spirit and our commitment to encourage others to take on challenges and pursue their dreams.

In order to meet one of our main objectives to be the world’s leading research center in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, we know that it is important to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace where we all feel supported and welcome. In that way, we can all bring our best and succeed together. We understand that to accomplish this, everyone is needed: men and women. There must be no gender in Science, Technology and Engineering; all men and women with same ambitions put a joint effort towards this.

Personally, as a woman, as an IPVF PhD-researcher-engineer, I feel lucky to be able to say that I am in the right place. I have always aimed to work on the photovoltaic field and to contribute to serve humanity. The differences between genders should not lead to difference in each one’s rights, instead, these differences should allow us to work complementarily. To build a diverse and inclusive environment, we need to include women’s role and such models can be found here. I am encouraging you to not give up, to believe in your ideas, to continue to feel empathy and to aim for leadership positions. I would like to thank all women and men for helping to build a workplace with equality!

Pilar Lopez-Varo

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