Retour du Jeudi – 16/05/19 – From solar radiation measurement to photovoltaic power forcast

16 mai 2019

Retour du Jeudi – 20/06/19 – Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

From solar radiation measurement to photovoltaic power forcast


SIRTA observatory performs solar radiation measurements (global, direct, diffuse components) and contributes in the international Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) since 2003 (Station: PAL). Other radiative-related measurements at SIRTA are solar spectrum (350 to 1050nm), ground albedo, UVA-UVB-UVI fluxes, aerosol optical thickness and water vapor content. Ancillary measurements, such as sky cameras and ceilometers, allow to assess for cloudiness and the cloud radiative effects.

In 2014, a photovoltaic (PV) test bench was installed at SIRTA as a joint collaboration between GeePs, LMD, LPICM and Limsi, which allows the continuous monitoring of the current-voltage characteristics and module temperatures of a range of commercial PV modules of different technologies. The purpose of such a PV platform is to help understanding and assessing the yearly performance of various technologies of solar PV module in the local climate; to set relationships between weather-related conditions and PV conversion efficiency; to be able to precisely sort out ageing-related effects from climate-related effects; and also to test local forecasts of PV power generation.
These installations have been used both for research and training purposes. Some example of studies will be given in the presentation. In particular, one recent study that has combined SIRTA data to study the PV installations on the roof of IPVF building (done in the frame of a master stuents project) will be presented.

by Jordi Badossa, LMD/IPSL Ecole Polytechnique

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