Process engineer Scribing and packaging

  • Function: Process engineer Scribing and packaging
  • Working Place: Palaiseau, 91120
  • Starting Date: 09/2019
  • Time: 36 months
  • Contact:
  • Salary: Depend on candidate’s profile

IPVF Presentation :

The “Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France” IPVF has for ambitious to become one of the main research, innovation and education center around solar energy. Composed with international well known industrials, leading in PV industry (EDF, Total, Air Liquide, Horiba Jobin Yvon et Riber) and academic research teams (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique), IPVF want to increase performances and competitiveness of PV solar cells and develop new breakthrough technologies thanks to:

  • A research program
  • Experimental laboratories open to PV actors
  • Education program with a master, PhD students and full time program


Context :

Renewable energies are a growing part of the energy mix around the world. In the past few years, the photovoltaic energy has known an impressive increase of the installed capacity, always supported by research labs. Now, with technologies getting closer and closer to the theoretical limit of Shockley-Queisser, it is time to search for other solutions than the simple junction solar cells.

The tandem solar cells appears to be one of the best solution to increase the efficiency of the PV panel. Combining a well-known and optimized silicon solar cell with a high band gap thin film solar cell is one of the most promising solution. Because of their easy tunable band-gap and high efficiency, perovskite solar cell are a perfect top cell to be used in a tandem configuration.

In this context, IPVF perovskite research team has fabricated a 20% perovskite solar cell with a band-gap of 1.6eV and developed a base-line around 18%.

As part of IPVF’s 30/30/30 goal, IPVF’s Tandem project aims to manufacture an industrial Tandem prototype from elementary bricks developed at IPVF (Perovskite, Silicon, etc.). In a team of 15 people, a temporary process engineer position is now open to work on issues related to the scaling up of perovskite-based solar cells, assembling a Tandem device and monitoring the performance of devices subject to climate tests.


Main missions :

The researcher will directly report to the vice CTO of the institute.

Mission 1: Perovskite Large Area Manufacturing

– The engineer will be responsible for the development and optimization of an scribing process using a mechanical and / or laser system, to finally create a mini-module based on large-scale perovskite (> 100cm²).

– Using the characterization tools available in the IPVF laboratories, the Process Engineer will characterize the electrical behavior of the device manufactured to ensure a good quality and repeatability of the process.

Mission 2: Tandem prototype manufacturing and performance monitoring

– Perovskite devices will be integrated into a Psk / Si tandem mini-module, including the development of a robust encapsulation process.

– Tandem prototypes will undergo various climate tests and will be monitored for performance


Profile :

  • Physics / Chemistry / Materials degree (Master or PhD)
  • First experience in a research/industrial environment would be a plus
  • First experience with solar cells would be a plus
  • Strong dedication and appetite for labs work


Résumé and motivation letter could be address to :


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8 septembre 2019