10th edition of the IW-CIGSTech

16 April 2019

The IW-CIGSTech will blow its 10th candle in Paris ! This yearly international workshop about the CIGS thin-film solar modules will take place in Paris suburb on the Palaiseau plateau (IPVF, 18, boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau). This year, this unmissable meeting on the photovoltaïc energy will get you together for 2 days : May 23th and 24th 2019. Those 2 days will take place in IPVF and École Polytechnique premises and will be thematized. The 1st day will concern the industry updates while the 2nd one will focus on the growth potential of CIGS technology. Finally, a surprise event will wait for you at the end of the 1st day. ZSW and HZB, 2 german research institutes will be there too as workshop co-organisers.

The IPVF is very proud to organise for the 1st time the IW-CIGSTech and will wait for you all in its site !

Arrived at Palaiseau plateau since october 2017, the young ITE (Institut pour la Transition Énergétique or Institute for Energy Transition) that IPVF is, is today known as a major operator of the research about the photovoltaic cell . The IW-CIGSTech is the opportunity to share our expertise but also to exchange with the international experts of the renewable energy.

On the programme of those 2 days :

  • CIGS perspectives with Dr. Shigeru Niki (AIST), Olle Lundberg (Solibro) et Dr. Roland Würz (ZSW)
  • Focus on CIGS technologies, manufacturing, application and market issues with Kelsey Horowitz (NREL)
  • New alloys and emerging materials with Prof. Dr. William N. Shafarman (University of Delaware) Prof. Dr. Marika Edoff (University of Uppsala) et Prof. Dr. Nicolas Bareau (IMN-Nantes)
  • Lab tour IPVF and more

Download the programme

Informations and Registrations on IW-CIGSTech’s website.

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