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General description

The aim of the IPVF Joint Research Unit (JRU, or UMR for Unité Mixte de Recherche in French) is to carry out fundamental research on the key aspects of photovoltaics to give birth to innovations on analytical techniques, processes, devices, relevant to the development of photovoltaic energy.

It is one of the components of the Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile-de-France (IPVF), one of the Institutes for Energy Transition (ITE )  selected by the French Plan for Future d’Investment.

Positioning, History and Founding authorities

The IPVF JRU is the only French JRU for which photovoltaics is the core of its research activities.  This laboratory is very well included in the local research community, (Polytechnique and Paris Saclay campuses…), as well as on the national and international level, and benefits from the environment of a The lab is very well-equipped thanks to the ITE funding structure. Being at the interface between the academic and the industrial world, the IPVF is supervised by 4 supervisory bodies: a company, SAS IPVF (which also represents its industrial shareholders Total, EDF, Air Liquide, HORIBA, RIBER) and 3 academic partners (CNRS,  École Polytechnique, ENSCP,) .  


The JRU was created in 2018. Its birth has been proposed at the time of the establishment of the ITE IPVF and is the result of a brainstorming process within the Federation FedPV and the partners of the ITE. Its researchers come from highly recognized and highly visible research groups of the photovoltaic domain, and in particular from the former joint unit IRDEP (CNRS/EDF).

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