Two student awards at the E-MRS 2016 conference

6 May 2016

Fabien Mollica (right in photo) and François Gibelli (left), two Ph.D. students from laboratories associated with IPVF, received student awards at the European conference of the Materials Research (E -MRS ), which was held in Lille from May 2 to 6.

  • Light management in ultrathin CIGS solar cells by substituting the back contact with a TCO based reflector, F. Mollica, M. Jubault, F. Donsanti, A. Loubat, M. Bouttemy, J. Vigneron, A. Etcheberry, N. Naghavi
  • Non equilibrium generalized Planck’s law : different experimental carrier temperature and absolute electrochemical potentials, F. Gibelli, L. Lombez, JF Guillemoles

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