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IPVF Enable is a unique offer that evaluates the potential of projects integrating photovoltaic technologies through a short, efficient and application-oriented study. Its content can be adapted to issues with multiple components: scientific, technical, commercial or even usage issues.

For who ?

R&D teams working on cutting edge photovoltaic technologies

An adaptative methodology to support your innovative photovoltaic project


I already have a photovoltaic technology and I want to improve it by achieving certain goals.


I want to evaluate the opportunity to integrate photovoltaics into my existing products or assets.


I want to evaluate the potential of my materials to become photovoltaic materials.


A 2 to 4 week study, to evaluate the opportunities related to your project, through photovoltaic technologies regarding 3 fields of expertise.


These actions require recurring interactions with IPVF researchers in order to draw on the Institute's scientific expertise.


These actions are aimed at analysing the associated market and characterising the business opportunity.


These actions provide an understanding of consumer expectations and possible applications for PV in the market.


A study of 3 to 5 weeks, to imagine the field of all possible solutions and specify the chosen concept, to be developed.


These actions are based on design methods to imagine the concepts of solutions and get the most robust ones out of them.


Once the solution concept has been chosen, it must be improved along the relevant lines in order to prepare a precise development framework.

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