2020 IPVF e-Science Day

23 juin 2020

Meet the IPVF researchers for the IPVF 2020 Science Day e-Poster Session

Researcher Poster title Session link
Marc Al-Atem Optimization of P2 interconnection to fabricate a large area perovskite solar modules for tandem applications Link
Marion Provost Copper(II) Thiocyanate (CuSCN) as Hole Transport Layer (HTL) for Stable and Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells Link
Thomas Campos 2D/3D halide perovskite heterostructures to improve the stability of photovoltaic devices Link
Salim Mejaouri Unveiling Heterogeneities in Mixed Halide Perovskite Films with Electronic Microscopy Techniques Link
Emilie Raoult Simulated 4-Terminals Tandem with Perovskite and Silicon cells at 30% of efficiency Link
Anatole Desthieux Characterization of Fired Passivated Contacts: Passivation properties and in situ MPL Link
Damien Coutancier Ti-doped ZnO thin films by Atomic Layer Deposition: growth mechanism study and influence of process parameters on material properties Link
Paul-Alexis Pavard Potential of guanidinate and amidinate gallium complexes as precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition Link
Marc Löning PL correlation for Down-conversion characterization Link
Javid Hajhemati Impact of carbon nanotubes growth on the interfacial composition and energetics of organic metal halide perovskites Link
Pia Dally Advanced chemical characterization on Perovskite systems Link
Alexandre Jaffré Two-Photon luminescence microscopy imaging Link
Marie Legrand Relative calibration and noise characterization of the TR-FLIM setup: A step towards a better understanding of luminescence decays Link
Nicolas Moron Modeling of the frequency dependence of modulated photoluminescence Link
Claire Darin Bapaume Surface modification of triple cation mixed halide perovskite solar cell Link
Maryline Ralaiarisoa Operando XPS: Monitoring the electronic and chemical properties of perovskite solar cells under operating conditions Link
Vincent Dufoulon – Cecilia Tel Monolithic integration of highly efficient perovskite-CIGS tandem solar cells Link
Alexandre Py-Renaudie Defect mitigation in mixed valence halide perovskites Link
Guillaume Vidon Modeling time-resolved photoluminescence: Attributing the PL decay to its microscopic origins Link
Nils Harder Reliability of perovskite solar modules:. Establishing a baseline methodology for degradation loss analysis Link
Linh Nguyen & François Chancerel 2-T tandem III-V on Si cell development via transparent conductive layers bonding Link

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