Dr. Giulia Grancini Visit

7 décembre 2018

We were very pleased to welcome Dr. Giulia Grancini at IPVF to discuss about future collaborations.

Dr. Giulia Grancini (https://twitter.com/GiuliaGrancini) is team leader at the EPFL Valais based in Sion in the laboratory of Pr. Nazeerruddin (https://gmf.epfl.ch/) . She focuses on the fundamental physics behind advanced photovoltaic devices and authored more than 70 papers that lead to great advances in a better understanding of the hydrid perovskite properties. On can mention, among others, the measurement of the carrier diffusion length in the Pk thin film, that of the exciton binding energy and more recently the use of 2D/3D perovskite mix in order increase the device stability

She is now studying the physics of interface which greatly impacts the operation of organic and hybrid perovskite solar cell.

Dr. Grancini presented the outstanding results obtained in EPFL on Engineering 2D/3D Hybrid Perovskite for Stable and Efficient Solar Cells

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