IPVF manufactures its first III-V nanowires solar cells on silicon

2 juillet 2018

IPVF, in collaboration with its partner C2N (Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, CNRS) has just completed the manufacturing of its first solar cells made of GaAs nanowires on silicon substrate.

IPVF thus joins the small group of international laboratories capable of producing such devices.

Romaric DE LÉPINAU, PhD student IPVF / C2N, presented his results in early June at Nanowire Week in Hamilton, Canada, an international conference on nanowires, where he was awarded the Best Poster Award of his session.

The growth of these nanowires on silicon makes it possible to benefit from the high efficiency of the III-V materials, while avoiding the high cost of these substrates.

Eventually, nanowires can grow directly on a silicon cell, which is an elegant way to achieve a tandem III-V cell on silicon and a possible way to exceed the 30% efficiency.

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