IPVF at the forefront of EUPVSEC 2019

26 September 2019


1 – A successful booth

IPVF was in the forefront of the 2019 EU PVSEC conference, a major PV event, gathering best industrials and scientific research institutes and coordinated by the European Commission. IPVF booth received more than 100 visitors.

2 – Photovoltaic in Europe

IPVF actively participated to the panel discussion dedicated to PV manufacturing in Europe. 

3 – A reward for an IPVF researcher

40 talks were selected and presented. Among them, Adrien Bercegol of IPVF received the Best Student Award delivered in recognition of the most remarkable research work in the field, for his work on luminescence of transport in perovskite 

4 – A second reward for an IPVF researcher

30 posters of IPVF were accepted for display at the conference. Emilie Raoult of IPVF received the Best Poster Award by a jury of experts judging the quality of the contents, for her work on Characterization and modeling of semi-transparent perovskite. 

As such IPVF succeeded to demonstrate at EU PVSEC its ambition to reach excellence and renown in the field of solar research and industrialization, the two pillars of its future.

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