Launch of the IPVF UNITE club

IPVF launches the UNITE club to bring together photovoltaic players around innovation and innovation projects to build the sector of tomorrow.

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At IPVF – Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile-de-France, we believe that combining science, network and collaboration is essential to build the new photovoltaic industry in Europe.

This is why we created IPVF UNITE.

IPVF UNITE is the network that brings together and makes the actors of our sector work around common interests, to accelerate photovoltaic projects and boost technical progress by relying on research.

The club is aimed at all those who develop, integrate or use photovoltaic technologies. These protean techniques lend themselves to numerous uses in energy production, construction, transport, agriculture and connected objects. The IPVF UNIT is therefore aimed at large groups as well as start-ups, service providers or industrialists.

From upstream to downstream, from public to private, from science to industry, from France to Europe, IPVF UNITE facilitates dialogue between all the links in the chain, and is committed to transforming ideas into action.

Roch DROZDOWSKI-STREHL, IPVF CEO, said on the occasion of the launch: « At the IPVF we are committed to our customers by combining business opportunities with technological developments. All decarbonated energies are now being mobilised for the energy transition in Europe and photovoltaic solar energy, in a growing variety of applications, plays a key role. We are accelerating R&D value creation for the industry through scientific excellence, innovation and collaboration. »

IPVF UNITE are unifying events, strategic studies and exclusive access to IPVF knowledge.

Meet to allow a better dialogue between the actors.

L’Annuaire : access each member’s profile, areas of expertise, areas of interest and contact details to make it easier to get in touch.

Les Petits-Déjeuners : take advantage of regular meetings in an informal setting to shed new light on a chosen theme with other members and the IPVF.

Les Conférences :  thematic meetings to understand precisely the science, industries and markets related to PV.

Growing our common interests through the support of research and industry.

La Journée de l’Industrie Solaire : the annual meeting place for players in the sector.

La Lettre d’Information through which the most advanced projects, the most relevant progress, news analysed and put into perspective are brought to your door.

Work by making it easier to take action.

Les Éclaireurs : small working groups to make effective progress on specific issues.

Information & registration : contact us.

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