AFM / KPFM / Resiscope Setup

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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 20×20 cm2
Maximum Sample Height: 2 cm
Surface and cross-section measurements possible

Materials to investigate

All (AFM)
Conductors and semi-conductors (KPFM & Resiscope)

More information about PV material.

Practical information

Manufacturer: Agilent (AFM, KPFM)  /  Scientec (Resiscope)
Model: PicoScan 3000  /  PicoScan 5500
Minimum training time to use the machine: AFM (short training)  /   KPFM (Measurements done by researcher or thoroughly trained operator. Acquired data required expert intervention for interpretation)

More information our training policy.

What is it for?

AFM: topograph and roughness at nanoscale. Qualitative mechanical properties (soft, hard…)
KPFM: Work function at nanoscale.
Resiscope: Current and resistance at nanoscale.


  • AFM – XY: 1nm, Z<1nm
  • KPFM – XY: 10nm, SP~10mV
  • Resiscope – XY: 1-10nm, I=100fA
  • Maximum scan size: 90×90µm

How does it work?

AFM: tapping mode (non-destructive), contact mode (may cause indentation)
KPFM: measurement of work function in AFM tapping mode by monitoring the cantilever amplitude at the first harmonic of the applied voltage bias (not destructive).
Resiscope: measurement of current and resistivity in AFM contact mode when a voltage bias is applied between the tip and the sample. Resiscope is an advanced conducting probe AFM technique (CP-AFM) (may cause indentation).

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