Climate Chamber – ASLI

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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 30×30 cm²
Maximum Sample Height: 1 cm

All types of materials

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Practical information

Manufacturer: ASLI
Model: PCT-35

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What is it for?

ASLI Climate chamber allows for accelerated ageing tests through pressurized cycling. Several scientific publication have demonstrated that ageing cycles undergone under pressure can dramatically reduce the timespan of usual degradation studies that relies only on temperature and humidity changes. Testing the performance of a device after several pressure/humidity/temperature cycling offers a good overview of the main degradation phenomena at stake in a sample, so we can develop better device.

How does it work?

Samples are placed in a controlled environment where humidity, temperature and pressure can be set by the operator. After a few cycles, performance measurements give important clues about the ageing process and the way the device should be improved to increase its lifetime. Usual testing timespan may vary but is largely lower than for usual climate chamber (a few days instead of a few weeks).

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