Climate Chamber – WEISSTECH

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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 40×60 cm²
Maximum Sample Height: 2 cm

All types of materials

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Practical information

Manufacturer: Weisstech
Model: Sun340

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What is it for?

Understanding ageing phenomena is a key to design highly durable optoelectronic devices. This is especially true for solar cells whose lifetime performances are now usually guaranteed for 25 to 40 years. In order to predict lifetime performance, and analyze degradation mechanisms, we use accelerated climate cycling by placing our samples in conditions where humidity, temperature and light exposure vary regularly according to a predefined scheme. We thus reproduce the conditions the device will face in real life, but on a reduced timescale. We can also magnify stressing conditions to explore the limits of our designs or encapsulation schemes.

How does it work?

Samples are placed in a controlled environment where humidity, temperature and ligh exposure (up to 1000W/m² for silicon devices) can be set by the operator. Cycles are easy to define through a user-friendly software interface. After several cycles, performance measurements give important clues about the ageing process and the way the device should be improved to increase its lifetime. Testing timespan may last a few weeks.

External apparatus can be added next to the chamber to follow in situ electrical or optical parameters such as luminescence or biased voltage/current.

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