Co-Evaporation – MBE KOMPONENTEN

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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 10×10 cm²
Maximum Sample Height: few mm

All types of substrates, with specific concerns to avoid (cross-) contamination

Materials available

CIGS layers

More information about PV material.

Practical information

Manufacturer: MBE Komponenten
Model: N/A (two versatile chambers)

Tools can be used by everybody, providing a suitable training

More information our training policy.

What is it for?

This process allows to deposit CIGS materials on a variety of substrates with high record efficiency


How does it work?

During a process, material sources (Cu, Ga, In) are heated to be vaporized. Gaseous elements transit into the chamber to reach the substrate and form a layer. Several material sources can be triggered simultaneously to deposit compounds onto the substrate surface. The deposition may be followed by specific annealing steps (in Se or S environment) in order to form desired compounds (CIGS for example).

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