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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 12×12 cm2
Maximum Sample Height: few cm
6 crucibles in the reactor

Different masks available

No use of Zn and Sn due to contamination risks

Materials available

Au, Pt, Cr, Ni, Al, Ag, Cu, Ti, Ge

More information about PV material.

Practical information

Manufacturer: Plassys
Model: MEB 550SL
Minimum training time to use the machine: 1 days

More information our training policy.

What is it for?

Deposition of metal by e-beam evaporation:
Metallic contacts, grids
Specifications: deposition at ambient temperature
Excellent purity of the film because of the high vacuum condition
Limitation: direct deposition (difficulties to deposit homogeneous film on rough substrate)

How does it work?

The substrate is placed inside the chamber, where a source metal to be deposited is located. The source material is heated to the point where it starts to boil and evaporate. This process requires a high vacuum (10-6 to 10-7 Torr) to allow the molecules to evaporate freely in the chamber, and they subsequently condense on all surfaces.

High film deposition rates

Process deposition duration: depends of the thickness (controlled by QCM)

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