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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: All types of samples up to modules 20 x 20 cm²
Maximum Sample Height: 10 cm
Need to contact a positive and negative electrode

Materials to investigate

All types of solar cells (c-Si, perovskite, III-V, CIGS, tandem, other thin films…)

More information about PV material.

Practical information

Manufacturer: Newport
Model: Oriel IQE 200
Minimum training time to use the machine: 1 day

More information our training policy.

What is it for?

Measure the spectral response of a solar cell:

  • EQE
  • IQE with integrated sphere for diffuse reflection
  • Measurement from 300 to 1800 nm
  • Possibility of light bias

How does it work?

The sample is exposed to a monochromatic wavelength changed from 300 up to 1800 nm and the external quantum efficiency is deduced.

The calibration by referenced diode is automatically done by the equipment and a light bias can be send on the sample during the measurement.

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