Optical benches – IPVF

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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: variable

Maximum Sample Height: variable


Materials to investigate

All types of semiconductors and solar cells

More information about PV material.

Practical information

Manufacturer: We usually work with Thorlabs, Newport, Horiba, Photon etc… and we are open to work with complementary components/suppliers.


Other: Specific benches may be mounted. Integration of benches into devices may result in shared patents. Cryostat, EL, PL…

More information our training policy.

What is it for?

Our researchers are used to manipulate light in various ways. We have specifically many world-class experts working on luminescence issues as well as physical description of light-matter interactions. We can help you to build a dedicated optical bench specifically developed for your purposes, and home it at IPVF Labs in a clean room environment. Feel free to interact with us to mount things up!

How does it work?

Contact us with a description of your experiment / optical bench, or come with an idea of setup involving light processing or characterization. We can help for sure!

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