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Key sample information

Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 15×15 cm²
Maximum Sample Height: 1 cm

All types of materials: thin films (semi-conductors), metals, alloys


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Practical information

Manufacturer: HORIBA
Model: LabRAM HR
Tool can be used by everybody providing a training

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What is it for?

This tool is used to identify material structures and phases through Raman effect. When light travels through a medium, rare inelastic collisions of photons with molecules cause a characteristic slight energy/frequency shift that we measure. The same setup can be used to characterize the photoluminescence of the sample to analyze energy gaps and potential defects in the electronic structure.

How does it work?

The precision of the setup is related to the ability to precisely measure the spectrum of light transmitted/reflected by the sample. Various filters can be exchanged in combination with laser illumination in order to adapt the setup to the sample characteristics.

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