Screen Printer – ASYS EKRA

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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 30×30 cm²

Maximum Sample Height: Up to 4 mm


All types of materials


More information about PV material.

Practical information

Manufacturer: ASYS – EKRA
Model: XH STS Automatic Offline Printer

Tool can be used by everybody provided with a training.

A specific risk assessment may be required as paints or printed materials may be considered hazardous.

More information our training policy.

What is it for?

Our automatic screen printer allows for the deposition of metallic paste on areas of the substrate that are not protected by a screen. Virtually all shapes can be transferred to the substrate as it only depends on the screen design. High precision alignment is available. Screen printing is widely used for the metallization of front contacts in the solar cell industry.

Although it is mainly used for metallic contact pastes deposition, one can extend its capabilities to the deposition of specific sol-gels as long as viscosity parameters allow for their use in screen printing processes.

How does it work?

First the substrate is loaded into the machine. The screen is then aligned in order to position the various shapes that are to be transferred onto the substrate. High precision can be achieved with our machine at this step. A deposition head apply ink or paste in the apertures of the screen, which is finally removed from the substrate surface. It reveals areas free from ink as well as structures defined by the screen apertures.

Screens should be designed and ordered before the process takes place as they are necessary in the paste deposition process. Pastes and paints may require specific conservation conditions such as being kept in a fridge.
A dedicated dryer is available close to the machine to dry pastes and remove solvents completely if necessary. We do have annealing solutions available, that are often required to ensure ohmicity or good contact formation.

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