Lifetime tester – SINTON

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Key sample information

Maximum Sample Size: 16×16 cm²
Maximum Sample Height: 2 cm

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Practical information

Manufacturer: Sinton instruments
Model: WCT-120

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What is it for?

The Sinton WCT120 may be used to measure carrier recombination lifetimes as well as run fast IV characteristic measurements.

How does it work?

The WCT120 uses quasi steady state photoconductance and transient photoconductance decay techniques to measure carrier lifetimes in the range of 10 ns to 10 ms inside wafer-size products. The use of both techniques allows to bridge the gap between low lifetimes (multicrystalline wafers, dopant diffusion) and high ones (especially for processed cells).

The lifetime measurement also yields the implied open circuit voltage and thus gives an equivalent of the IV curve along each process step without specific needs for illumination or invasive electrical measurements.

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