The IPVF Newsletter – March 2020

10 April 2020

Dear IPVF Friends,

We will entering our fifth week of confinement and I hope you are safe and continue to take good care of yourselves and your loved ones. I know some of your relatives might be affected by the virus, we wish them all a prompt recovery. I trust you strictly apply the social distancing and health measures enforced. By staying home, we are on a mission against the spread of the virus and saturation of our hospitals. I do miss seeing the teams but working remotely is our new norm for the time being, and everyone is making it work!

Since March 16, 2020 the situation has not changed with regards to IPVF operations. Our laboratories are temporarily shut down and closely monitored so that we are ready to resume our activities as soon as the confinement comes to an end.

This letter gives me the opportunity to highlight the essential contribution of a selection of our teams in the current crisis.

I would like to recognise the role of the Operations teams and QHSE teams across our ecosystem: they are working hard to ensure our assets remain monitored and accessible for routine safety inspections. Their commitment on the frontline, the support to hospital centres they have triggered and their ability to make the most the situation to reinforce IPVF QHSE framework, are remarkable. I thank them for their hard work and invite you to keep the communication link open with them.

Our Administration and Development teams have been extremely hard at work too. Since the outbreak of the crisis, they have been in constant contact with IPVF partners and contractors. They are doing an excellent job pushing their various dossiers forward, including financial planning, IP management framework, and IPVF service offer structuring. At the same time, they are reducing charges to be paid, so as to reduce our costs while ensuring our company efficiently maintains its core administrative functions.

I would like to congratulate all Research teams; they are involved in deploying a wide variety of coordination and solidarity initiatives throughout the Programmes to support our communities and push productivity in this new mode. Despite the organizational challenges we are all facing, demonstrating IPVF’s optimism, agility, determination and ability to deliver differentiating results is crucial more than ever. Let’s thoroughly prepare to get off to a flying start when our technological platform is accessible again!

In these difficult times, we stand by our teams and I strongly encourage each of you to propose new ideas to your management; to all those involved, a big thank you!

All divisions are hard at work to make sure IPVF stays stronger than ever during the crisis. This is IPVF at its best and I am so proud to lead such an institute!

I send you once again all my appreciation and support.
Warm regards,


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