Mission and Values

IPVF Mission statement

IPVF strives to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy through world-class research, development and training initiatives.

We develop our activity with the same passion and integrity we use to operate our platform, craft our research programs, and grow our teams.

IPVF Values

INNOVATION >> We seek to ship breakthrough innovations and unique perspectives to our partners. We know that  cross-domain sharing is  key to helping our community grow.

TEAM SPIRIT >> We understand that we are stronger together, with the diversity of our backgrounds and assignments. We know that we work together best with honesty, transparency, and openness.

EXCELLENCE >> Through highly skilled teams, we strive to achieve world-class results in all 4 pillars of our activity : Safety, Platform Operations, Science & Technology, Industry Transfer.

AGILITY >> We know that the development of our institute leads to a variety ventures. We take them on with enthusiasm and determination to reach the highest satisfaction of our partners.
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