Plasma nanotexturing of silicon: new publication in collaboration with NIST

1 December 2017

A new study on plasma nanotexturing of silicon for PV applications has been published in Optics Express – Energy Express. Paper available here: (open access).

This work, in the frame of IPVF project A, is the result of an international collaboration with the LPICM (Laboratory of Physics of Interfaces and Thin Films, CNRS, France) and the Sensor Science Division at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, US). Plasma nanotexturing of silicon leads to broadband very low reflectance surfaces without the need for an additional anti-reflective coating, thus boosting the photogenerated current. In this study, we demonstrate that, regardless of the initial silicon surface finish, the morphology of the nanostructures evolves in a similar manner. In addition to broadband anti-reflection, the optical properties of nanotextured surfaces are further improved by: (i) a large acceptance angle (therefore increasing potential power generation throughout the day and year for fixed panels) and (ii) improved light-trapping in the near-infrared range thanks to enhanced scattering (crucial when reducing the absorber thickness).

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