Pr. Henry Snaith Visit

14 February 2019

January 21st,

We were very pleased to welcome Pr. Henry Snaith to discuss possible collaboration opportunities on perovskite solar cell fabrication and characterization.

Henry Snaith is professor at the university of Oxford and is working at the Clarendon Laboratory. He pioneered the field of perovskite based solar cells and his research activity leads to some of the greatest advances in this field. Among many other examples, one can mention:

– the first fabrication of a solid state perovskite device with an efficiency over 10 %

– the first evidence of carrier diffusion in this material

– the widening of the perovskite bandgap and the fabrication of perovskite/perovskite tandem device

– the deposition of the perovskite layer by the evaporation techniques

– the mix of 2D/3D compounds to stabilize the photovoltaic layer.

Professor Snaith is also Co-founder and CSO of Oxford PV. This company recently reaches the record efficiency of 28 % for a perovskite on silicon tandem device on 1 cm2

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