Smart, light, simple, modular, affordable, reliable & treable photovoltaic panels

Technological readiness level (TRL) maturity: 2 - 3

Developed by TotalEnergies, SunKlips is a lightweight (<7kg/m2), modular and cost-effective photovoltaics solution obtained by polymer injection molding, a high-volume industrial process used as a “granule to module” manufacturing method.


A SunKlips module is a hard case, obtained by injection molding process. The inside is a heat dissipative and shock absorber material on which laid the strings of solar cells, topped with a transparent polymer for optical matching and a transparent UV resistant top case. Metal contacts that allows PV modules to be electrically connected are directly inserted in the case during the injection process. The PV module back has a self-gripping attachment. All steps should be done inline and automatized.

On the roof top, a self-griping attachment layer, a “receiver” is placed to receive the PV modules. The “receiver” could be glued if the PV installation is at floor level (not necessarily need to drill into the roof top). The whole system is easily movable.



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