Research Challenges in PV Reliability (ETIP PV report)


Reliable solar PV power plants will deliver the expected performance throughout their entire service life. They will experience very limited component degradation, failures or system down-time. Improving reliability means derisking electricity production and return on investment of PV systems. Mitigation of risks supports the bankability of PV systems and serves as an enabler for accelerated deployment of solar PV technologies. Ongoing basic research remains necessary for the photovoltaic industry to continue advancing its knowledge and improving lifetime system performance. This document addresses the foundations and reasons why reliability research is crucial to the solar PV industry’s continued growth.

ETIP PV, of which Roch Drozdowski-Strehl (Director General of IPVF) is Vice-Chairman, is the recognized interlocutor of the European Commission, Member States and Associated Countries for photovoltaic sector specific R&I needs.

ETIP PV’s mission is in line with the priorities of the Energy Union and the SET-Plan with a focus on “renewable technologies at the heart of the new energy system” and Europe’s drive to become “renewable energy leader”. ETIP PV brings together all relevant actors in the photovoltaic sector, with cooperation agreements with Member States, Associated Countries and Commission services. Its main role is to provide consensual strategic advice on all issues relevant to advancing research and innovation (R&I) efforts.

ETIP PV includes provisions for involving representatives of interested Member States and Associated Countries, as well as working relations with relevant national/regional platforms to ensure synergies between EU, national and regional activities.

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