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IPVF’s research program embraces collaborative projects which are designed to enhance performances, reduce costs and improve photovoltaic module lifespan. The aim is, firstly, to improve currently-existing module production processes but also and, above all, to develop breakthrough technologies

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Economy & Market assesment

Determine the most promising technologies, with the best compromise between efficiency, cost and maturity. Analyse market opportunities to drive our research programs.


Manager: Lars Oberbeck



Explore photoelectrochemistry and material sciences to develop solar-made fuels such as green hydrogen.


Manager: David Ayme-Perrot


Perovksite on Silicon tandem modules for industrialization

Develop a wafer-size demonstrator of high efficiency and low-cost Perovskite on Silicon Tandem module, able to reach commercial viability.


Manager: Jean Rousset


Low-cost III/V on Silicon tandem cells

Develop low-cost III-V on Silicon Tandem solar cells, reducing significantly production costs.


Manager: Stéphane Collin


Proof of Concepts of innovative breakthroughs

Explore innovative concepts to reach photovoltaics full potential, and integrate them smartly in the daily environment.


Manager: Jean-François Guillemoles


Characterization, Reliability and Modelling

Develop and apply inventive techniques of characterization, modelling and reliability, in order to understand materials and devices, and improve their performances.


Managers: Jean-Paul Kleider / Philip Schulz

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