Photovoltaics (PV) is rapidly becoming one of the most important energy sources for a clean and widespread energy supply. In 2019 alone, 120GWp of PV capacity was installed globally. Every country has now realized that PV is not only the best solution ecologically, but also increasingly economically, with an average levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of around 3ct/kWh, and in some cases as little as 1-2ct/kWh. End 2020 IEA declared PV the cheapest energy source ever. And we are only at the beginning of PV´s success story. In order to reach 50-80TW by 2050, further improvements in module efficiencies and reductions in the Balance of System (BOS) costs are key areas that require ongoing focus. Bifacial tandem technologies will play an important role in the coming 5-10 years and it is therefore high time to connect R&D and industry players from this emerging area to discuss standards, technology, and markets.

So, we are proud to announce:

tandemPV2021 workshop on 13th-16th April 2021 in Berlin, Germany

The goal of this workshop is not only to review existing technologies on the market for tandem PV, but also to set standards, identify further market potential, and improve bankability prospects.

he detailed program can be found here.

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