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IPVF created the student innovation challenge IPVF Vision in order to achieve its mission as an Institute for the Energetic Transition. By opening the doors of our research laboratories to the new generation of makers, we aim to accelerate this transition and to shine a light on solar energy’s potential for creation and innovation.

For who?

Industrial companies involved in energy transition who want to take a stand 
on breakthrough technologyx

If you’re a company

By opening the doors of research and industry to a new generation of makers, IPVF VISION is giving to industrials the opportunity to think about the future impact of solar energy in their activity.
During this competition, we will support students from the best schools, from all disciplines (engineering, design, business, architecture…), to provide answers to problems submitted by you.

L’IPVF a pour objectif d’améliorer les performances et la compétitivité des cellules photovoltaïques et de développer de nouvelles technologies de rupture.

If you’re a student

IPVF Vision competition offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to support and reward innovative projects to support the energy transition. The projects must be led by multidisciplinary teams and use the full potential of photovoltaic technologies within 3 years to respond to a major social issue

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