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Flexible, light and efficient photovoltaic panels – the promise of CIGS

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☀ CIGS exhibits high conversion efficiencies, both in the laboratory and in production. This high efficiency, coupled with long-term stability, makes it uniquely positioned to play a central role in the global renewable energy sector.
CIGS is suitable for the production of lightweight, flexible, semi-transparent, and custom-shaped solar products. Construction materials such as building facade glass and windows, and fully integrated PV roofing materials are proven applications of CIGS modules.
Alongside glass, the photovoltaic CIGS semiconductor stack can be deposited onto flexible substrates, such as stainless steel and polyimide films. These can then be incorporated into PV modules that are lightweight, flexible, and robust – ideal for electric cars, buses, trucks, trains, and membrane roofing structures.
Flexible mini-modules can also be incorporated into consumer electronic devices, including chargers and accessories – such as luggage and backpacks.

Join us to talk of science, technology, industrialization & applications with our guests speakers :

Marika Edoff, Professor in Solid State Electronics at Uppsala University and co-funder of Solibro AB.
daniel Lincot, Director of Research Emeritus at CNRS, Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile de France (IPVF), founder of SOY PV
Alain Janet, founder of Solar Cloth System.

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