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Solar Industry Day under the High Patronage of President Macron
The lockdown measures put in place oblige us to postpone this key event designed to bring together the French solar PV value chain.
IPVF launched the IPVF UNITE club to bring together photovoltaic players around innovation projects and build the industry of tomorrow.
Discover our latest work in photovoltaic research and collaborate with us.
Evaluate the full potential of your innovative photovoltaic project and bring it to the next level.
Imagine the future of photovoltaic technologies by with the next makers generation.

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SIRTA and IPVF join forces to test new generation perovskite PV modules

Perovskites solar cells are the rising stars of photovoltaics (PV) with great promises ahead, especially in their association with silicon solar cells to create tandem PV modules exceeding standard PV module existing efficiency limit (~25 %). Nonetheless, perovskites solar cells and modules do not meet yet the stability and reliability requirements, especially when compared and/or associated with silicon solar cells. Researchers are working hard on developing stability and reliability protocols enabling the assessment of perovskite-based devices’ long-term performance. This step is crucial for their

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Vers des modules solaires tandem pérovskite/silicium de 16 cm²

La communauté scientifique mondiale poursuit ses efforts pour proposer des technologies qui amélioreront à la fois l’efficacité des modules solaires photovoltaïques mais aussi sa durée de vie, dans le but de réduire les coûts et proposer des produits performants à des prix compétitifs. Dans ce concert d’innovation, l’IPVF se place au front de l’excellence scientifique et technologique et mène notamment des travaux sur le développement de briques technologiques dans le domaine des technologies dites tandems.

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