Providing services for your R&D

IPVF Platform gives you access to exceptional scientific services, combining our high-tech equipment and our researchers’ expertise to accelerate your photovoltaic or micro-electronic research projects.

For who ?

R&D teams that specialize in photovoltaics, startups and scientists

Design and analyse high-potential materials with our experts support

→ Access to over 100 cutting-edge pieces of equipment for characterization and processing
→ Take advantage of the know-how of IPVF experts for reliable and prompt results
→ Following training, access can be granted to directly operate some machines

Refine your request through exchanges with our research team

Do you need more information on our catalogue and our technical capabilities? Our experts are here to advise you on the scientific and technical details of your project.

Develop your product

Accelerates the transition to a complete prototype in your own clean room. Build your first product in our workshop and scale-up with our network.

Intellectual Property

We take the confidentiality of your work very seriously and do everything possible to protect your findings.

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We provide state-of-the-art technologies above market standards.

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We develop our strong expertise through partnerships with relevant actors.

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