STAGE – CNRS – Voltage-Dependent Photoluminescence Imaging Analysis


Function :                Intern

Contract :               CNRS internship agreement

Starting date:        Spring 2024

Duration:                 5-6 months

Workplace:             IPVF – 18 boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau

Education:              Master 2 or equivalent



IPVF – Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France

IPVF is a scientific and technical pole dedicated to the research and development of solar technologies. It permanently hosts its own staff, as well as the employees of its partners and external companies. IPVF aims to become one of the world’s leading centers for research, innovation, and training in the field of energy transition.
IPVF primary objective is to improve the performance and competitiveness of photovoltaic cells and develop breakthrough technologies by relying on four levers:

• Ambitious research program.
• The hosting of more than 200 researchers and their laboratories on its Paris-Saclay site.
• A state-of-the-art technology platform (8,000 m²) open to the photovoltaic industry actors, with more than 100 state-of-the-art equipment units located in clean rooms.
• A training program mainly based on a master’s degree, the supervision of PhD students, and continuing education.


Brief history:

The IPVF was founded in 2013 on the initiative of the French government, EDF, TotalEnergies, Air Liquide, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Horiba and Riber. Bringing together more than 150 researchers, our 8,000 square meter Paris-Saclay platform is a unique platform for all types of deeptech research and innovation.

The IPVF aims to remain:
• A world leader in photovoltaic-related R&D. By federating the best French teams in the field of research, innovation and industrial production, in partnership with major international institutes, particularly in Europe,
• A leader in the development of photovoltaic technology bricks in line with market trends,
• A reference in sending the most promising R&D concepts to the industry.




This five-to-six-month internship position will focus on the development of a comprehensive protocol for the voltage-dependent photoluminescence characterization of perovskite solar cells that are manufactured at IPVF. More specifically, the intern will employ cutting-edge luminescence imaging techniques in conjunction with electrical measurements to investigate the processes associated with charge carrier collection and recombination within perovskite solar cells.

Furthermore, the candidate will leverage the acquired photoluminescence images under various applied biases to generate an image, indicative of the quality of charge collection within solar cells. The parameters and images obtained in this manner will be integrated with data obtained from other characterization techniques, such as external quantum efficiency, electroluminescence, and impedance spectroscopy. This holistic approach aims to provide a deeper insight into the primary mechanisms contributing to losses in perovskite solar cells. The resulting information will be invaluable in supporting the enhancement of photovoltaic devices by offering precise and pertinent insights. The protocol will be then used to characterize perovskite solar cells in tandem architectures, further extending the potentiality of such methodology.




The application can include: cover letter, CV, and potentially references (name, relation to candidate, and e-mail).

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Stefania Cacovich

Daniel Ory        

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